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Venison Chateaubriand at Mac & Wild

“With the venison we serve at Mac & Wild, I can tell you the whole story of where it came from, where it was shot, who shot it, who butchered it. Not only that, but I can probably tell you where the butcher lives, the pub he drinks in, the name of his wife, and where he went to school.” Andy, Co-Founder

Veni-Moo Burger, Best Burgers in London Mac and Wild

“I grew up in such a sociable, hospitable environment. The door was always open for people to walk in and out. They might stay for a weekend; we’ve had people stay for months. There’s always food on: a big pot of soup or a stew. And we’ll always end up in the kitchen at the end of the night, sharing a dram. That, ultimately, is what Mac & Wild is all about.” Andy, Co-Founder

Big Jim's Full Scottish Sharin Breakfast, Bloody Marys, Mac and Wild

'Just ask Mr Andy Waugh, who champions the richness and diversity of Scotland and its produce through his two London restaurants, Mac & Wild.” Mr Porter, 2017

Life in the Highlands, Mac and Wild, Scotland

Our Story

Mac & Wild began its journey as a Scottish street food sensation, serving up one of Scotland's finest exports, wild game, for London’s everyday people.

Seven years on, Mac & Wild continues to feed Londoners with some of the wildest, most delicious meat in the world, along with a carefully selected variety of seasonal Scottish produce from handpicked suppliers and producers from the Highlands.