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“With the venison we serve at Mac & Wild, I can tell you the whole story of where it came from, where it was shot, who shot it, who butchered it. Not only that, but I can probably tell you where the butcher lives, the pub he drinks in, the name of his wife, and where he went to school.” Andy, Co-Founder

Veni-Moo Burger, Best Burgers in London Mac and Wild

“I grew up in such a sociable, hospitable environment. The door was always open for people to walk in and out. They might stay for a weekend; we’ve had people stay for months. There’s always food on: a big pot of soup or a stew. And we’ll always end up in the kitchen at the end of the night, sharing a dram. That, ultimately, is what Mac & Wild is all about.” Andy, Co-Founder

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'Just ask Mr Andy Waugh, who champions the richness and diversity of Scotland and its produce through his two London restaurants, Mac & Wild.” Mr Porter, 2017

Life in the Highlands, Mac and Wild, Scotland

Our Story

Mac & Wild began its journey as a Scottish street food sensation, serving up one of Scotland's finest exports, wild game, for London’s everyday people.

Seven years on, Mac & Wild continues to feed Londoners with some of the wildest, most delicious meat in the world, along with a carefully selected variety of seasonal Scottish produce from handpicked suppliers and producers from the Highlands.