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Mac & Wild Scottish landscape, Highlands

About Us

Mac & Wild is an off-road adventure celebrating Highland hospitality and the best of Scotland’s produce.

Since launching, Mac & Wild have continued to champion and celebrate Scottish produce and personality, and has become renowned for their welcoming, friendly, relaxed and modern approach to Scottish dining.

Mac & Wild began its journey as a Scottish street food sensation, serving up one of Scotland’s finest exports to London’s everyday people. From a market stall on Whitecross Street, to a pop-up on Charlotte Street, Mac & Wild now have two permanent restaurants in London, Mac & Wild Fitzrovia, located in the West End, on Great Titchfield Street (opened September 2015) and Mac & Wild Devonshire Square (opened November 2016), ideally located in the heart of the city of London, just a short walk from Liverpool Street Station.

Mac & Wild continues to feed Londoners with some of the wildest, most delicious meat in the world, along with a carefully selected variety of seasonal Scottish produce from handpicked suppliers and producers from the Highlands.

Calum and Andy, Founders of Mac & Wild

About Mac & Wild

Mac & Wild is an off-road adventure celebrating Highland hospitality and the best of Scotland’s produce.

Founded by Andy Waugh, who hails from just north of Inverness, and from whom's family game-butchering business Ardgay Game, in existence for over 30 years, are where the majority of Mac & Wild's meat is sourced from, and Calum Mackinnon, who made his name north of the border on the bar scene in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Mac & Wild aim to bring to London the best of Scotland's produce, served in true Highland style and spirit. We take diners on a journey to the Scottish Highlands, enjoying the finest wild venison, game, seafood, whisky, craft beers and gin in a rustic setting.

Scottish produce and personality

Scottish produce and personality

"Being the son of a game butcher, I grew up eating wild venison because it was the only meat my family could afford – which sounds like an oxymoron but it was and still is cheaper than beef. When we ate other meat and seafood (beef, lamb, pork, langoustine etc) it was a real treat. We swapped produce with local farmers and fishermen who would tell us what breed it was, when it was killed or where he caught it - and they would always tell us the best way to cook it was. The supplier knows best!
This is the same ethos that we have at Mac & Wild. We name the suppliers because we love what they do and believe that their work is what makes our food special. We cook our meat simply and let the produce do the talking.
Our suppliers are chosen because they are the best at what they do. However, great produce is only half the battle. There are lots of great suppliers, especially in Scotland, but the guys we work with have that little extra spark of energy and passion that we bounce off. Our suppliers are at the forefront of a progressive Scotland and take great care to look after every step of the journey which is why we name them on the menu - they are proud of their produce as we are of them". Andy Waugh, Co-Founder.

Awards Praise for the Highlands!

Awards Praise for the Highlands!

'Michelin Guide 2018', Mac & Wild Fitzrovia

‘Street Food of the Year’ at The Young British Foodies Awards

Best Signature Burger at the National Burger Awards 2016

Named by The Evening Standard as one of the top five places to eat game in London

UK's Best Burger 2016 - Veni-Moo Burger

What they say


“This is the best restaurant in the world.” The Times Magazine (Giles Coren review) 

“The Scottish highlands are developing a culinary identity all of their own one that reaches beyond the national dishes of haggis, neeps and tatties”. Mr Porter

“Plating up the very best British game and seafood. So traceable is every element that they can tell you exactly who shot your dinner.” Country & Townhouse 

“The Venimoo burger – a double patty of beef and venison, béarnaise cheese, caramelised onions on brioche – was absolutely worth its fanfare.” ES Magazine 

“Fresh from Scotland, Mac & Wild serves some of the finest deer you will find in the capital.” Shortlist. 

“The Wild Game Company’s restaurant is small, but the venison delivers taste on as massive scale.” GQ Magazine 

“Here is Scottish cuisine in an understated, modern, pared-down manner.” ES Magazine (Grace Dent review) 

“Burger Brilliance!” Time Out Magazine 

‘Just ask Mr Andy Waugh, who champions the richness and diversity of Scotland and its produce through his two London restaurants, Mac & Wild.” Mr Porter, 2017

Andy, Co-Founder

Andy, Co-Founder

“I grew up in such a sociable, hospitable environment. The door was always open for people to walk in and out. They might stay for a weekend; we’ve had people stay for months. There’s always food on: a big pot of soup or a stew. And we’ll always end up in the kitchen at the end of the night, sharing a dram. That, ultimately, is what Mac & Wild is all about. With the venison we serve at Mac & Wild, I can tell you the whole story of where it came from, where it was shot, who shot it, who butchered it. Not only that, but I can probably tell you where the butcher lives, the pub he drinks in, the name of his wife, and where he went to school.”