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Free Haggis Recipe e-Book

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You know how we feel about a good Haggis. You may also have heard we have just started making our own Wild Venison Haggis! Nutritious, delicious and incredibly versatile, haggis also packs a mighty punch for those looking for a more sustainable way of enjoying meat whilst considering many of the ongoing debates around the industry and ethics. Environmentally, animal welfare wise and for our health, eating Venison and particularly Haggis is an all round win in our book.

Grab this FREE Haggis Recipe e-Book to get you started on some of our favourite ways to cook and enjoy these little sacks of spicy magic! To receive, click to download and simply enter email address when prompted. By downloading, you are agreeing to be added to our Mac & Wild and Smoky Barrels  databases but can opt out at any time. Tuck in!