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Mac & Wild Journal

A warm welcome to our Journal – recipe sharing and Scottish storytelling by us, Calum Mackinnon & Andy Waugh, M&W co-founders.

We hope to use this space to share a more personal slant on M&W –  who we are, what we care about and our favourite recipes to cook for family, friends and passers by (it’s a Highland thing – doors are always open!)

Day to day, Mac & Wild is of course about serving our restaurant diners and hosting brilliant private events, but away from this, we are 2 Scottish lads/now Dad’s, with a burning passion for honesty, integrity and quality when it comes to produce and what we eat. We call it Extreme traceability and we’re excited to be supporting some of the most amazing produce Scotland has to offer through the M&W platform. Scotland and good produce has played such a big role in our lives growing up and is already shaping the way we approach raising our growing families. We share many of the growing concerns around mass farming practices and as such, always look to create our favourite meals using less intensely or most often wild reared animals. 

Check in from time to time for some of our latest creations using the best of traceable, seasonal or just extra tasty produce. Schnitzel night is almost always made with pheasant and wild garlic makes a mean pesto…

Andy & Calum