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#19: Celebrating the Glorious 12th! A major fuel for rural Scottish economies - Mac and Wild

#19: Celebrating the Glorious 12th! A major fuel for rural Scottish economies

Seasons are the rhythm of life the world over… In the Scottish Highlands, this isn’t just limited to the big 4 of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In a landscape so precious and remote, life’s rhythm is genuinely underpinned, often unknowingly, by smaller seasonal events such as the opening of the annual 121 day Grouse Shooting Season beginning today, 12th August!

We recently read a brilliant article by The Scottish Field journalist, Kenny Smith where he, along with commentary from Andrew Grainger of the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group, highlight the fundamental importance the Grouse season and wider country shooting sports industry plays to the Scottish economy. If you have time, we recommend having a read of the article in the link below – or see our quick fire facts.

Scotland prepares itself for the Glorious 12th

Country Sports importance to the Scottish Economy

Quick Facts from the above article

  • Every year country sports delivers a whopping £155m to the Scottish economy!
  • Grouse season making up £32m of that (20% of the revenue)
  • The sporting industry brings 272,000 visitors to Scotland every year benefitting a huge range of industries as a spin off from the sport itself.
  • There are 11,000 jobs in the country sports sector in Scotland.
  • 2,640 of which are supported directly by the Grouse season
  • 60% of visitors come from England with the remainder from Scotland itself as well as USA, Belgian, Denmark and other European countries and increasingly India and China.
  • Country sports growth in Scotland forecasted to rise to £185m by 2020
  • A greater variety of Scottish Experiences being demanded by this booming Scottish industry.
  • Private Events, Mac & Wild Falls of Shin

    Wild cooking

All in all it is positive news for Scotland and particularly the rural communities. We are already feeling a huge boost to our trade in our Falls of Shin restaurant as this exciting season dawns upon us. Our continued focus is to look at ways to better serve the local rural communities and visiting tourists looking for new ways to immerse and experience the amazing culture Scotland has to offer.

Happy Grouse season one and all. Head over to our London restaurants this Friday and Saturday to sample the very first of these beautiful birds (our first birds are being shot today and tomorrow and will be with us late on Thursday. If they arrive earlier we may offer them sooner but for now the first flamed heather roasted grouse are available Friday lunch). BOOKING HIGHLY ADVISABLE AS LIMITED STOCKS.

If you’re lucky enough to get hold of your own stocks… check out our ‘How to Roast a Grouse’ recipe. 

Calum & Andy