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Story #20: National Burger Day 2019 at M&W - Mac and Wild

Story #20: National Burger Day 2019 at M&W


This Thursday marks National Burger Week here in UK. Believed to have first been created sometime around the turn of the 19th century, traditionally, a burger consists of a ground beef patty served in a bun. Condiments and toppings fast became the norm but burger mania just seems to have no limits or boundaries with weird, wonderful and just plain weird creations continuing to pop up everywhere we turn.

To celebrate National Burger Day 2019, Mac & Wild group Head Chef, Nick Wyborn, has crafted something extra dirty and special. The Double Dirty Dip Donut Burger colossus and/or a pint size potion of our epic Wilderness Fries will be available Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd at both London M&Ws only.

Last week, while deep in the midst of fire pit cooking for a William Grant Reyka Vodka event, we caught up with Nick to put him in the hot-seat on all things burger… hear his take on it all below.

Photo credit: @grantandersondotme

Q: Nick, can you please first of all explain what exactly The Double Dirty Dip Donut burger is ?

A: Well…. What isn’t it? The burger is a real summer supernova! Delicious acidic quick pickled peppers, Soft & chewy glazed donut bun & a mega stack of cheesy beef indulgence. An absolute napkin job but well worth the sticky fingers.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind it? 

A: London Town! An absolute melting pot. We really do have it sweet in the capital. Access to Amazing produce, super mega creative vibes & the worlds best customers! Our customers want us to explore the coolest combos and we are here to deliver.

Q: Burger or Bun? The age old debate. Whats the most important element? 

A: 1,000,000% the burger! Get that right and you are laughing. The real flavour train is the meat. Big shout out to Macduff Beef.

Q: Whats your secret when approaching a burger creation? whats the balance?

A: With anything creative, I always look for inspiration from the consumer, the market & also global food trends. I think the perfect balance is achieved through plenty of sampling – my favourite!

Q: We’ve had the evil moo Halloween Burger, the Burns week haggis burger and now this… are there any boundaries when it comes to where your burger creations will go? Any no/go flavour combos?

A: Absolutely no boundaries! We love to smash through boundaries. Our No.1 objective at Mac & Wild is to create dishes that our customers want to eat using the best of Scottish and British produce. Simple or bonkers – we will always deliver a banging burger. Its what we do.

Q: Meat sourcing and burgers…discuss?

A: Provenance means everything to us at Mac & Wild. Our beef is sourced from a collective of amazing farms based in the Scottish lowlands. We are super proud to share a close relationship with the inspirational Macduff group who select the absolute top Scottish cattle for our restaurants. Incredible meat that has never encountered compromise on its organic journey from field to plate. We love you Macduff. For Venison it is all about Ardgay Game – and you know how we feel about them!

Q: Burger of your dreams?

A: VENI-MOO! Of course…. The absolute perfect burger. Buttery béarnaise, rich venison patties & sticky mustardy red Jon sauce.

Q: How many burgers do you ’sample’ a week working at M&W?

A: I know my Fiancé would love to answer this…’Too many!!!!!’