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Story #22: Keeping Good Meat in the modern diet - Mac and Wild

Story #22: Keeping Good Meat in the modern diet

Keeping ‘Good’ Meat in the modern Diet

Nothing new here…

Is it true what they say – is life just one great cycle? As we head into 2020, are we heading back to a cave man style approach to meat consumption? It’s hopefully a yes in our book!

As un-trendy as it may be, at Mac & Wild we STILL really love our meat. We’re just ever more committed to our food ethos of extreme traceability towards the sourcing of our Scottish meat, game and seafood produce.

We totally get and support people’s recent questions and avoidance of many intensely farmed meats and animal products. That has been the bases of the Mac & Wild mission from day one. We believe in eating meat derived from as close to natural an environment as possible – and in moderation. For anyone seeking to reduce their meat consumption and only eat far higher quality meat when they do, we thought we’d do a little re-cap on the Mac & Wild commitment to produce traceability.

Running a Meat restaurant in 2020 😜

We’re not going to lie, at first, modern diet trends portrayed in the media made for some interesting (slightly nervous) business forecasting for two boys running a predominantly meat centric restaurant business in uber cosmo London. But weirdly we kind of loved it. Speaking to folk in the restaurants, friends and general chatter on our social platforms, we quickly realised that the growing transparency on commercial meat practices was helping strengthen the thinking between our most engaged Mac & Wild community members – eat less meat but eat the best meat available when you do.


The term sustainability is obviously having a hayday. We tend to steer clear of it where possible given the debate around what exactly it means. But in general, assuming the idea behind it is the option within any given industry that provides the best possible chance or conditions for all parties involved, we can categorically confirm that this is what the Mac & Wild meat sourcing is aligned behind. Simply put, the meat we serve is sourced with a strong consciousness and confidence that it is offering the best quality from an animal welfare, environment and human health perspective. Generally, what’s interesting, is that this translates as meat that has come from beasts reared in completely wild or as close to wild conditions as possible with minimal, if any human interference. That includes the process of hunting and preparing the meat for consumption. Our Venison is our speciality and we couldn’t be more proud of it’s traceability. Sourced from the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, the deer lead a completely wild existence, eating nothing but wild berries, grasses and lichen. This is what every organic farmer wishes they could rear. Void of any antibiotic or hormone intervention, Venison is truly a brilliant meat option for Flexitarians looking to keep ‘Good’ meat in their diets at moderate levels. Nature has provided us with an incredible source of meat without us having to do much. Wild meat is very healthy (low in fat and high in protein). Game also has a negligible carbon footprint, a positive impact on the environment and best of all, it is absolutely delicious.

Exploring the ‘good’ meat options… 

We’ll be sharing more about our commitments to eating better meat over the coming weeks including spotlights on nose-to-tail consumption and seasonality. But in the meantime, we thought you might like to have a look back at a pretty interesting summary of our Meat mission written by co-founder, Andy Waugh back in 2018. You’ll see why we’re so thrilled that the dawn is hopefully breaking on why eating wild meat and meats of extreme traceability are a far better option for modern diets concerned with all the current welfare, health and environmental issues.