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#25: Venison & Haggis Wellington - Mac and Wild

#25: Venison & Haggis Wellington

Haggis & venison wellington

Feeds 4



400g venison chateaubriand or loin larder trim

100g haggis stuffing

1 sheet puff pastry

100ml sticky red wine jus

20ml brown butter


Haggis Stuffing Mix

35g haggis

35g sausage meat – whatever you choose.

17.5g sautéed onion

35g bread crumbs

3g diced sage

1tsp hot water



  • Break up the haggis into a fine crumble and mix in the remaining ingredients.
  • Keep in a container until ready to use.
  • Take the meat from the fridge. Rub with a little veg oil and massage with some table salt.
  • Sear for 30-60 secs on each side in a very hot pan and keep to one side.
  • Wrap the meat in the stuffing and roll in the puff pastry – seal the parcel up and brush with egg wash.
  • Place in the oven 180-200C for 20mins until golden brown.
  • Mix the jus and brown butter and heat in a saucepan
  • Slice the wellington right away to avoid it over cooking, season and serve with the sauce.