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#26: Cured Salmon - Mac and Wild

#26: Cured Salmon

Cured salmon (stunning & elegant)

Perfect for: elegant starter or light lunch, funky BBQ addition

Equipment: Large roasting dish



1 x side of salmon

600g sugar

400g salt

2 x lemons, rind grated

2 x limes, rind grated

3 x cooked beetroot grated

1 x small bunch dill



Mix the sugar and salt together.

Place the salmon skin side down on the roasting tray.

Cover with the salt/sugar mix.

Sprinkle the lemon rind, lime rind, beetroot and dill evenly over the top of the fish.

Cover the tray with cling film and store in the fridge for 6hrs.

Remove the fish, wash the cure under the tap and pat dry.


You can eat just like that – slice through the flesh towards the skin (do not slice through the skin), then run the knife along the fish just above the skin.


Or… give the fish a smoke.

Nail it onto a hard wood board and place in the smoke next to your bbq for 30-90mins.

Be careful not to let it get too hot or you will get hot smoked salmon – not the end of the world!