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#5: Introducing our Meat Boards - Mac and Wild

#5: Introducing our Meat Boards

Meat Boards & Our Cuts

Meat provenance and traceability forms the foundation of Mac & Wild. Unlike most restaurants, we offer the opportunity to really get up close and personal with your cut of meat. If you quiz us, we can tell you: the name of the butcher, knowledge of the farm & farmer, breed of animal and even the name of the hunter. Our aim being, we want our guests and friends to know as much as possible about the cuts they are ordering and feel empowered about their choice and how they are best enjoyed. As a further commitment to this purpose and an addition to the Mac & Wild dining experience, we are delighted to have recently introduced our Meat Selection Boards.

Our wooden Meat Selection Boards are presented at the table during your ordering process, showcasing our most prized meats and cuts in their raw simplicity. Our highly knowledgeable team will talk you through the different offerings and they’ll be delighted to chat about the cuts and provide recommendations on cooking styles and accompaniments – adding an extra dimension to your dining experience with us.

The modern meat industry has become so price driven, that much of the meat entering our food chain is of hugely varying quality. We believe, learning more about your meat and where it comes from is a fundamental part of changing attitudes towards meat consumption. To us at Mac & Wild, meat is and should always be enjoyed as a luxury and a privilege.

All our cuts are selected for their flavour and texture. It can prove difficult to select the perfect steak for your dining experience. Below are the staple cuts offered on the Mac & Wild menu. To get you started, we provide some notes on the cuts and cooking recommendations for each.

Our Cuts


Venison topside

  • Pre cut to 200g.
  • Aged for 21 days.
  • Red Deer or occasionally Sika or Fallow deer are used.
  • From the top muscle on the side of the haunch which is the rear leg of the deer.
  • Very tender and lean, with a velvet texture.
  • Wild venison so the flavour and texture varies due to the age of the animal, time of year and the diet the animal lived on.
  • Selected at a point when it has its most beef like flavor, with a richness of wild game cutting through.

Recommended cooking

Enjoy this cut rare to med-rare depending on your preference. There is no fat, so well done tends to dry this cut out. If you prefer a well-done steak, we would recommend the beef ribeye – a higher fat content helps to keep the steak moist.


Venison Chateaubriand (Chateau)

This is the cut many of our most regular customers come back again and again for. The Mac & Wild signature!

  • Sold per 100g
  • Can be enjoyed as a steak for one, we recommend around 250g per person for an averagely hungry diner
  • Can be chosen as a sharing cut depending on our weight cuts available on the day.
  • Sourced from the muscle running along the saddle of the animal, from the neck to the haunch.
  • Butter-like texture, so tender a toothless baby could chew it.
  • Flavour is very similar to topside, just more tender.

Venison Chateau v Beef Chateau?

Prime cut of the deer. Sometimes known as the striploin or fillet; for anyone who knows their meat they’ll know that the striploin of venison is the equivalent to the sirloin of beef. The chateaubriand of beef comes from the fillet but this is not the case with venison. We use this cut as the fillet of venison or tenderloin.

We want to show off venison and demonstrate how simple it is to cook but make it accessible which is why we give it a matching title to its beef cousins.

 Recommended cooking

Again we recommend enjoying this cut rare to the rarer side of medium rare.

As long as this steak is seared on the outside and warm in the middle, it is ready.




Beef ribeye

  • Selected my MacDuff butcher
  • Aged with HG Walter for 6-7 weeks.
  • Available by the 100g.
  • Depending our availability, these steaks can be selected for one person or as a sharing steak.
  • The king of steaks for many meat lovers.
  • Called the ribeye as it runs along the top of the ribs and has a beautiful eye of fat that runs through the muscle.
  • Becomes a “cote de boeuf” when the bone is left in, or a Tomahawk with an extra-long bone when cut as a sharing steak, see below.
  • A very fatty cut, this creates the richest of steaks as the fat renders down during cooking creating incomparable flavor.

Cooking Recommendation

Enjoy this cooked medium rare to well done. The high fat content helps keep the steak moist even when cooked a little longer. However it is still delicious when rare if your palette prefers.


Beef Tomahawk

  • Available as 1kg minimum – meant for sharing or for one very hungry diner.
  • Same cut as the ribeye, just a little thicker and with a huge bone running down the back of it that helps lock in even more flavor during the cooking process.
  • A ribeye, sourced and hung as the individual rib-eye above.

Cooking Recommendation

A giant Ribeye, we recommend this cut cooked as above – Medium rare. Given the size, we cook it on a little lower heat and for slightly longer to ensure the lovely fat is rendered down nicely.