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6 Week Dry Aged RibEye Steak (225g) - Mac and Wild

Scottish Highlands Beef Ribeye

6 Week Dry Aged RibEye Steak (225g)

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8oz/225g Beef Steak from grass fed small scale farms in the Scottish Highlands.

Aged for 6 weeks to develop that unmistakable meaty flavour.

Feeds 1 person.

Our cooking recommendation…

Pan fry, grill or BBQ to medium rare.  rest. slice. season + enjoy with crushed salt, garlic butter or your favourite sauce.


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Why we love it? 

Arguably the most flavoursome of steak cuts. We recommend cooking to medium rare to allow the fat marble to solidify and release its flavour.

Why age for 6 weeks v. 3?

Double the ageing – double the flavour. This steak is full of the meaty flavour you get from being hung for 6 weeks.

Shelf Life?

We recommend eating as soon as possible on receipt but it is good for 7 days.


£ / kg? 



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