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Venison Fillet Chateaubriand (450g) - Mac and Wild


Venison Fillet Chateaubriand (450g)

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This 450g cut of wild venison fillet is sourced from animals reared in the wild on Scottish Highland estates A premium roasting joint, ideal for smaller gatherings of 2-3 guests. The ultimate in wild natural meat, these animals are free to roam and eat a completely natural diet of grasses, berries and lichen making it milder than some venison cuts.

Best cooked rare to realise the full flavour and succulence, it slices with a butterknife and simply melts in the mouth.

Our cooking recommendation…

Sear in hot pan then finish to your liking in the oven. Be sure not to overcook or you lose the incredible softness of the meat. Remove, cover, rest. slice. season + enjoy with crushed salt, garlic butter or your favourite sauce.

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Why we love it? 

Tender, lean and full of flavour. Venison is our meat of choice for so many reasons. We also love this meat for introducing little mouths to good meat. Being so soft, sliced thinly, the tiniest cut off this join makes a brilliant way to introduce little mouths to great meat.

Shelf Life?

We recommend eating as soon as possible on receipt but it is good for 7 days.


£ / kg? 



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