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Spirit Drinks Box (Mac & Wild x Drinks Boxx Co.) - Mac and Wild

Spirit Drinks Box (no alcohol included)

Your PERFECT tipple whatever the location

Spirit Drinks Box (Mac & Wild x Drinks Boxx Co.)


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For those who know us, at Mac & Wild we have a no compromise policy when it comes to food and drink quality, regardless of location, terrain or climate. For lovers of outdoor adventuring, that can come with occasional challenge. These Ammo boxes by the brilliant Drinks Boxx Co. have become one of our essential packing items when preparing for any out-of-home adventure and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them to offer the Mac & Wild branded Spirit Drinks Boxx. The Spirit Boxx is the ultimate companion for any outdoor social occasion, whether its a day at the races, a camping trip, a days shooting or a picnic in the park. This version of the box comes with space for a 70cm bottle (fits most brands – alcohol not included), spirit measure, microfibre cloth, folding ceramic fruit knife, drinks tray / chopping board, multi colour LED light with remote control, two position hinge stay straps, Drinks Boxx Co metal logo plaque and embossed with the Mac & Wild logo.

The boxes are made in the UK, reconditioned and restored before being fitted with custom made inserts, components, accessories and glassware ready for you to pop in your chosen drinks.

Every Boxx is unique as they are made from surplus to requirement ex-military Ammunition boxes. The boxes are completely shock resistant keeping your essentials perfectly secure and preserved.

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A unique portable drinks cabinet which securely holds all the drinks and accessories you need to make the perfect alcoholic beverage, anywhere, anytime.

The Spirit Boxx is the ultimate companion for any outdoors social occasion, whether its a day at the races, a camping trip, a days shooting or a picnic in the park; you will have everything you need to make that delicious Gin & Tonic or Dram for you and your friends. The Boxx is kitted out inside with space for one 70cl bottle of spirit (fits most standard bottles including vast array of 1Litre bottles).

Designed and manufactured by hand in the UK, each Boxx starts life as a surplus to requirement ex-military wooden ammunition box, which we then restore and fit out with our custom made inserts, components, accessories, glassware and drinks.

Every Spirit Boxx is incredibly strong and durable; they can be sat on, dropped and thrown about and nothing inside will break due to our uniquely designed protective and insulating foam inserts. The inserts are designed to be easily removed and cleaned should there be in any spillages.

Every Spirit Boxx comes with the following items as standard:

* Dedicated space for nearly any kind of 70cl bottle of spirit, or a vast range of 1 litre bottles of spirit. Alcohol not included

* 4 x Glasses, 240ml capacity.

*12 cans of mixer
* Spirit Measure, 25ml / 50ml in stainless steel.
* Microfibre Cloth, with ‘DB’ embroidery.
* Folding Ceramic Fruit Knife, with custom logo (WARNING: extremely sharp blade, keep away from children).
* Drinks Tray / Chopping Board, double sided, custom built from bamboo.
* Multi colour LED Light with remote control, batteries included.
* Two Position Hinge Stay Straps, with removable easy opener fasteners.
* 3 Piece Foam Insert Set, custom built from insulating and impact resistant foam.
* Drinks Boxx Co Metal Logo Plaque.
* ‘SPIRIT’ Metal Boxx Identifier Plaque.

*** Please note, every ammunition box is unique, with different markings, colouration and signs of wear and tear. The Boxx you receive will look slightly different from the boxes photographed on the website as no two are the same, it’s all part of the charm!***

Shipping & Returns

  • Currently we are able to ship to UK addresses only. We are working to offer worldwide so please bare with us.
  • Currently we cannot offer next day delivery as standard.
  • In the unlikely event of a product arriving damaged or not to your liking please contact Drinks Boxx Co. Directly.